Fell Racing Pictures Spring 2011

Some pictures taken at fell races during the first months of 2011.

Pictures of Ilkely Moor Race courtesy of the Ilkely Harriers website.
Pictures of Pendle by Tony Maycraft
Pictures of Lad's Leap courtesy of Shaun at Picasa and Tony Maycraft
Pictures of Llanysilio courtesy of Peter Douglas and Fellrunningpictures.co.uk

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Ilkley Moor - 27th February    
Tony Maycraft
(far left)
Helen Real
(in white top)
Helen Real
John Hart
(extreme right)

Tony Maycraft
Pendle - 2nd April

View from
Pendle Hill

Jon Brown (Winner)

Third & Fourth place runners

John Hart on his way up
Jon Brown descending
Ian Holmes descending
at speed
John Hart descending
(not quite as fast!)
Lad's Leap - 3rd April
The car park was on a farm (shared with a bull!) Tony Maycraft
(at back of the group)
John Hart
(just through the gap in wall)
John Hart
(a bit further on)

Tony Maycraft
at the top of Lad's Leap

Tony Maycraft
back past the top of Lad's Leap

John Hart
back past the top of Lad's Leap

John working hard
Tony Maycraft
starting the final descent
John Hart
caught in a hail shower
Llantysilio- 9th April See also a video at www.prdouglas.co.uk

Tony Maycraft
at the top of the
first climb

Helen Real
very close behind

Anne Heeks
not far behind
(before she got lost!)

Tony on the final descent

Helen still smiling!

Anne back on course

Tony close to
the finish

Helen finishing fast
(and still smiling!)
The search
party waiting
for Anne
We eventually found her!
Anne even
got a prize!

So did Helen