Ben Nevis September 2011

Some pictures taken by Jim and Jo Whiffin of the trip to the 2011 Ben Nevis Race.

Helen Real and Tony Maycraft were competing.
The Whiffin family (Jim, Jo Abigail and Katie) along with Monica and Rosanna Maycraft and John Cash were supporting on the mountain.

The Whiffins and Rosanna made it to the top (as of course did Helen and Tony)

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Glen Nevis from the Ben Path The support party start the climb Glen Nevis from near the Red Burn Some are enjoying the climb more than others

The slopes of Ben Nevis emerge from the mist

The Red Burn
emerges from the
mist as well

The infamous Red Burn

The summit of Ben Nevis looks like a war zone
The mist clears from the slopes above the Red Burn The helicopter carrying the race support personnel appears.... ... and prepares to offload its payload Katie tries to hitch a lift from the top
Marshalls and Medical Staff are winched down.... ... and the helicopter departs The pilot waves goodbye Towards the top the terrain gets very rough
Jim, Rosanna, Abi and Katie at the top - and its raining! Jo and Rosanna descend towards the Red Burn The first runners descend the grassy slope... ...and cross the Red Burn in the mist

More runners cross the Burn....

....and start the short climb back to the main path

Helen looks relaxed

Tony looks in pain
Helen finishes the climb back to the main path Other runners follow Tony took a less severe route because of cramp A snake of runners get down to the Burn....
....and Take the path back to Fort William The following day Fort William is calm Hardly any wind and no rain The party prepare to return to Inverness

The younger generation pose for a picture
Everyone poses in front of the guest house One final look at Ben Nevis on the road to Inverness...
...backlit by the morning sun

Abi was busy texting

John reflected on 21 races
Monica and Katie were glad not to be going up the mountain again Abi wants to drive. However she's not passed her test!

A visit to the Commando Memorial near Spean Bridge
While Monica takes a picture the top of Ben Nevis appears.
Others take in the scenery

An energetic weekend finally takes its toll!